he word acolyte comes from the Greek word akolouthos, meaning companion, attendant, or helper. Acolytes are more commonly known as altar servers.

We are always looking for boys and girls starting at age 10 and up to train as acolytes.

Acolytes enhance our liturgical celebrations and provide a special level of participation for our youth. The acolyte duties include lighting and extinguishing candles, carrying candles in procession, crucifer (carrying the processional cross), thurifer (carrying incense) and helping the priest prepare the altar for the Eucharist.

The ministry fosters commitment, devotion, discipline, responsibility and teamwork.

To participate or to learn more, please email Martha Ortega or Lauro Literte . They can also be reached at 323-462-6311.

Guide for Acolytes

• Be well groomed (hair combed, black shoes with laces tied, no chewing gum).
• Arrive in the sacristy 30 minutes before Mass to receive instructions from the coordinator.
• Light the candles 10 minutes before Mass.
• Crucifer leads the procession by walking toward altar when the entrance song begins.
• Hold the Sacramentary book for the priest as needed.
• During the Gospel acclamation, two acolytes retrieve the altar candles and stand on both sides of the priest/deacon, then lead him to the front of the altar and toward the ambo.

• Crucifer goes to the transept and leads the faithful who carry the offertory gifts.
• Assist the priest/deacon to prepare the altar for the Eucharist.
• During the ritual hand washing by the priest: hold lavabo bowl in left hand, pour water with right; have purificator towel draped over arm. Bow to priest, who bows also, after the towel is returned to your arm.
• When the liturgy ends, the crucifer leads the recessional.
• Extinguish the candles after Mass.

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