ur beautiful parish requires the love, care, and dedication of the community. It keeps the church building a place of welcome and helps make the liturgies warmer and more heartfelt. Our environment ministers engage in a variety of decorative activities for the interior space including floral arrangements.


They set up the sanctuary according to the liturgical season, including themed decorations. When we enter our place of worship – God’s house – we feel that God is honored with good stewardship and respect through fine esthetic efforts.

But rather than tell you, we should just let the work speak for itself. Look throughout this page for samples of their creativity and dedication.

Our church environment ministry is supported by Christmas and Easter food sales. It’s no surprise that through these efforts our ministers feel an even closer connection to worship experiences. .

If you would apply your creative talent to beautifying our worship space, please contact Maria Dominguez at 323-574-2137.


Honor and majesty are before Him; strength and beauty are in His sanctuary.”

Psalm 96:6