Updated August 6, 2016


  • Arrival Time

    Arrive a minimum of 15 minutes before Mass and sign in the board at the Sacristy. To view the lector schedule click here.

  • If two lectors

    • # 1 Lector: 1st Reading & Prayers of the Faithful (plus the Psalm, for 7:30 mass only)
    • # 2 Lector: 2nd Reading & announcements (plus the Gospel Acclamation for 7:30 mass only; the Alleluia is to be sung)

  • Review Prayers

    Review Prayers of the Faithful (PoF), especially for pronunciation of names and announcements (look for specific intentions and announcements for your Mass)

  • Place books in their proper locations

    • Lectionary on ambo, open to the First Reading
    • Prayers of the Faithful binder on the shelf of small table next to chairs
    • Announcements on shelf of lectern (level below the altar)

  • Gospel book

    Gospel book stays in Sacristy for procession (# 1 Lector carries Gospel book)

  • Prayer before the Liturgy

    Presider leads the group prayer in the Sacristy

  • Form the Procession

    Walk together to the center aisle


  • Welcome

    Music minister welcomes the congregation

  • Music

    Entrance song begins

  • Check PowerPoint

    Walk with the music while checking if PowerPoint is operating so you know where to direct the congregation to follow the prayer of St. Ignatius in preparation for the collection

  • Order

    • Acolytes
    • # 2 Lector
    • # 1 Lector carrying Gospel book
    • Presider

  • For # 2 Lector

    # 2 Lector in front of altar, to the left of center

  • For # 1 Lector

    # 1 Lector brings Gospel book around the right side of the altar, places it in the bookstand on the altar, goes around the other side, then joins the priest and lector # 2 in reverencing the altar.

  • Be seated

    Both lectors proceed to seats on the left side of the sacristy


  • Cue

    At end of Collect (Opening Prayer), the presider sits

  • # 1 Lector

    # 1 Lector goes to ambo – “A reading from……The Word of the Lord.” Turn the page to the 2nd reading, pause and be seated

  • Music Minister

    Music minister sings the Psalm (Read by lector # 1 at 7:30 mass)

  • # 2 Lector

    # 2 Lector goes to the ambo after the Psalm – “A reading from……The Word of the Lord.”

  • Gospel Acclamation

    (Gospel acclamation proclaimed by # 2 Lector at 7:30 mass – Alleluia should be sung, if possible)

  • Move Lectionary

    Close and move Lectionary to the little table next to the ambo. Be seated.

  • Move the Gospel bookstand

    If acolytes are not available to move bookstand from the altar to the small table next to the ambo, one of the lectors should discreetly move it while the priest brings the Gospel book to the ambo.

  • Presider reads Gospel

    Presider reads the Gospel and places the Gospel book in the bookstand on the table next to the ambo.

  • Exit to the side

    Lectors and altar servers exit to the side and join the congregation for the homily


  • After the Homily

    After the Homily, # 1 Lector returns to side chairs by going up stairs to the left; # 2 Lector may remain in the congregation until after Communion

  • # 1 Lector

    # 1 Lector picks up Prayers of the Faithful binder and walks to the ambo. (Cue – the last few lines of the Creed)

  • Read the Prayers

    The presider offers the introductory prayer (written at the top of the Prayers of the Faithful page). Then the lector reads the PofF followed with, “Lord hear our prayer….”

  • Special Intentions

    For the special intentions, pause for two seconds after the names of the persons being remembered. Do not say “Lord hear our prayer.”

  • Personal Intentions

    Pause for several seconds during “We pray in silence for our own intentions… Then say, “We pray to the Lord.” The presider offers the closing prayer.

  • Offering of Personal Gifts

    Read – “Please remain standing….let us pray the Prayer of St. Ignatius,” which is in the front of the missal and may be projected for the congregation (please verify during the entrance procession); pause for a minute after asking congregation to prepare their gifts and before asking the ushers to take up the collection.

  • Return binder and be seated

    Put Prayers of the Faithful binder on the shelf of small table. Walk to the center, down the stairs to the lower level, reverence the altar with a bow, then return to the congregation.


  • # 2 Lector

    # 2 Lector goes through the left gate of the communion rail to the chair at the lower level next to the lectern (not ambo), sits down, and watches for cue/nod from the presider.

  • Welcome Visitors

    Begin with welcoming visitors and asking for their names and where they are from. Say welcome to each as they introduce themselves.

  • Read Announcements

    Be sure to read the announcements carefully and clearly; the announcements are an important opportunity to invite the parishioners to become involved in the life of our church and should not be rushed.

  • After Announcements

    Go up steps, stand by chairs

  • At the conclusion of the Liturgy

    Join the presider in front of the altar, bow with the presider, then process out in the same order as the entry procession. Follow the acolytes into the sacristy.

  • Return books

    When the recessional song is over and the congregation begins to clear, pick up the books (Gospel book, Lectionary, Prayers of the Faithful binder, announcements) and put them back on the counter in the Sacristy. The Gospel book should be carried by itself.

General Ministry Obligations

  • Fingerprinting & Virtus Training

    All volunteers in church ministries must be fingerprinted and attend Virtus training for Protecting Children from Sexual Offenders. Please check with the Parish Office for more information.

  • Modesty and Respect for the Liturgy

    Lectors should keep in mind a sense of modesty and respect for the Liturgy when deciding what clothing to wear.

  • Training Sessions

    Lectors should make themselves available for occasional training sessions.