or our children (typically aged 4-11) who attend the 11:00 Mass, the Children’s Liturgy is a ministry that provides them a private Liturgy of the Word suited to their own special needs. At the end of the opening prayer, the priest calls them toward the sanctuary. He blesses them and sends them forth with their teacher.

They retire to the sanctuary room under the care of a trusted volunteer who endeavors to teach the children a simplified Scripture lesson. This allows them to form a community of their very own. The classes are designed to make the Bible more accessible and understandable while giving the kids a sense of the parish’s love for them.

This activity typically takes less than 15 minutes, after which the children return to their parents and continue participating at Mass.

This ministry relies on volunteers who can relate well to small children and teach them effectively. Volunteers will undergo Virtus training for Safeguarding the Children.  As a prospective teacher, you would first observe how the classes are conducted then later teach one under  supervision before “soloing.”

If you feel a call to teach our children about the Faith, please send an email to: Mr. Dylan Barr.


Let the children come to me, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”~ Matthew 9:14

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