ur mission is to foster spiritual growth and build a sense of community inspired by the “Bayanihan” concept of solidarity. “Bayanihan” is a Filipino custom derived from the word “bayan,” which means nation, town or community. Bayanihan signifies “being in a bayan,” or the spirit of communal unity to achieve a goal.

Through our efforts we hope to promote Philippine tradition and culture, recognize our members leadership skills, develop action through service, and maintain unity and dialogue with the community as we share Time, Talent and Treasure with the Parish.


SEPT 3rd week

San Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila

Lorenzo RuizThe Patron Saint of Immigrants, San Lorenzo Ruiz, suffered a tortuous death because he refused to renounce his faith.We honor him at Mass with a procession of the 16 martyrs who died with him. The liturgy is followed with a celebration featuring Filipino food, music and a dance performance.

OCT 3rd week


CarnivalWe sponsor a booth at the annual Carnival, selling Filipino food that is prepared, cooked on the spot, and “masarap!”(yummy!!)

NOV 1st week

Todos los Santos (Mass for the Dead)

Mass-for-the-DeadWe sponsor the Mass for All Saints Day. The liturgy includes a procession by community members who offer candles in honor of their deceased relatives.Their lit candles are positioned by the altar rails for the entire weekend.These special candles are pre-ordered and personally labelled.

DEC 15-23

Simbang Gabi (Advent Novena)

Dec-15The first day of the Novena is held at the Cathedral of our Lady of Los Angeles with the participation of the Filipino communities throughout the Archdiocese. The highlight is the procession of parols or Christmas lit lanterns from the different parishes. Ethnic ministries participate in the Dressing of the Altar and The Prayers of the Faithful.The succeeding eight novena masses are held local parishes,including Blessed Sacrament.

The novena Masses at our parish are followed by refreshments referred to as salo-salo. One of those Masses is bilingual, as it is celebrated with the Latino community and the Posadas (Panuluyan in Filipino), the reenactment of the Virgin Mary’s search for a dwelling to bear her infant. A communal reception follows with Latino and Filipino food.

JAN 3rdweek

Pabasa on Palm Sunday

San Lorenzo RuizMembers do the choral and chant reading of the Life and Passion of Jesus Christ from designated Tagalog books in the Liturgy Room from 6AM to 10PM, with ongoing fellowship and food at the table.

FEB After Ash Wed

Stations of the Cross

Stations-of-the-CrossAfter the 6:00 PM Mass on Saturday, a minister commences the Stations of the Cross in Tagalog 7PM followed by a Filipino psalm. The service goes on until Good Friday.


JAN 3rd week Santo Niño de Cebu

Sto-NinoWe hold a Mass for the Infant Jesus of Prague, the Patron Saint of Travelers. Members of the community process with their Baby Jesus statues preceded by a blessing of flower-decorated floats. Fellowship follows at the auditorium with food and music.


Santacruzan Flores de Mayo (Marian Day)

santacruzan-1We join other Filipinos from the Archdiocese for the Annual Marian Mass at the Cathedral. We hope to encourage those from ages 18 to 35 as well as children from 8-13 who attend faith formation to join the Santacruzan, a procession that represents the Blessed Virgin Mary in different spiritual roles.


We sell food for breakfast, snacks or lunch at the school lunch area after the 7:30AM, 9AM, 11:00AM and 1:00PM Masses alongside music and camaraderie.


  • Connector.

    Our members

    serve on the Parish Council, are Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors, Ignatian Young Adults, the Youth, Music Ministers, Altar Servers, The Knights of Columbus, and the LCI LA Brilliant Lions Club.

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    We donate

    the proceeds from the Todos los Santos candle and Breakfast sales to the parish.

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    We contribute

    to Blessed Sacrament School scholarships with Carnival Booth sales.

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    We provide

    lunch to the homeless at The Center, contribute to disaster funds and humanitarian aid, assist in vision prevention thru the Lions Club Mobile Screening Unit, and donate to the Food Pantry and the Alexandria House.

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    We promote

    our tradition and culture through Filipino food, music, costumes, and by sponsoring concerts from the Philippines.


  • San Lorenzo Ruiz
  • Carnival Filipino Booth
  • Todos los Santos
  • Simbang Gabi Novena
  • Santo Niño de Cebu
  • Infant Jesus of Prague
  • Stations of the Cross
  • Pabasa
  • Santacruzan/Flores de Mayo
  • Agnes and Bernard Dacanay
  • Roland and Juliet Zita
  • Jocie and Rommel Loyola
  • Rosalinda and Pete Medina
  • Angelo and Bee Ibanez
  • Susan, Jenny, and Monique David
  • Ester, Lauro, Nora, and Gil Literte
  • Gina Literte, Gene Marzan
  • Alay Maria

For more information, please contact:Lily Harris Director, Philippine-American Ministry 323-463-6496