ongratulations on your engagement! Through the sacrament of Marriage, God’s love becomes present to you in your total commitment to each other. This time marks the beginning of an adventure where your mutual life goal is the well-being, joy, and holiness of your spouse. Be open to God’s grace and it will accompany you as you take on life’s joys and challenges together.

By choosing to celebrate your wedding at our parish, you will be sharing something in common with celebrities like Bing Crosby, Brian Kelly, and John Wayne’s daughters Toni and Melinda Ann. Blessed Sacrament is a destination church for many because of its beauty and its location right in the heart of Hollywood.

Here are some guidelines to help you with planning the wedding:

  • How soon should we start?

    The Archdiocese of Los Angeles requires at least a six-month preparation period. It will give you time to prepare the necessary documents and attend the marriage preparation class. Moreover, it will also give you time to seriously reflect on what you will soon be undertaking.

  • How do we begin?

    Please call the rectory/parish office (323-462-6311) and speak to one of our priests or deacon to set up an appointment. During your appointment, he will check the availability of your planned wedding date.

    Please note that the wedding date is not confirmed until the deposit is received. Fee and deposit information is found below. Please DO NOT make any arrangements for events contingent on the wedding until the deposit is paid and the wedding date is confirmed.

  • What do we require?

    1. BAPTISMAL CERTIFICATE: Both Catholic parties need a certificate of their baptism, issued within a six-month period prior to the wedding date. Call or write to the respective Church of your Baptism, give them your name, the (approximate) date of your Baptism, the names of your father and the maiden name of your mother. If you are not Catholic please speak to the priest/deacon about this requirement.
    2. CERTIFICATE OF FIRST COMMUNION AND CONFIRMATION: Original or true copies are acceptable. If you don’t have the documents, follow the same process for the baptismal certificate.
    3. INTERVIEWS: The Bride and Groom will be interviewed separately by the priest/deacon regarding the freedom to marry and consulted about the understanding of the nature of marriage.
    4. TESTIMONY OF WITNESSES: Each party must present two witnesses to the priest/deacon who can testify to the party’s freedom to marry. Parents or relatives are preferable, but close friends who have known the bride and/or groom for several years are also acceptable.
    5. MARRIAGE PREPARATION: Couples are required to attend a Marriage Preparation course sponsored by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. You may find information on Marriage Preparation programs and their schedules here.

      In mixed-religion marriages, each party should strive to understand and respect the religion and obligations of the other. The Catholic must promise to fulfill his or her responsibility to raise their children Catholic to the best of his or her ability.

    6. WEDDING LICENSE: In Los Angeles County, there are two ways to apply for a marriage license: online and in-person at a Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk branch office. More information can be obtained here. You can secure a license online here.

      Please bring the wedding license to the priest/deacon at least one week before the ceremony.

    7. FEE: The church offering for registered parishioners is $1,000.00 for a Wedding Package, with an initial deposit of $600.00 to reserve the date and time in our calendar. For those who are not registered the offering is $2,000.00 for a Wedding Package with an initial deposit of $1,000.00 to reserve the date and time in our calendar. The Wedding Package includes the organist and vocalist as well as an altar server and wedding coordinator. The donation to the priest/deacon is not included.

      You are considered a registered parishioner if you have been in our records for at least six months. During that time you should have been making donations with a set frequency (e.g. weekly, monthly) or have been actively involved with at least one of our ministries.

      The wedding date will not be confirmed until the deposit is received. Out of the deposit, $400.00 is non-reimbursable should the wedding get cancelled.

      All fees should be paid at least one month before the wedding. Payment should be made to the receptionist in the parish office.

      Celebrating your wedding at another parish? Please schedule an appointment with a priest. He will collect your documents and conduct marriage preparation. The fee is $300. Your documents will then be sent to the Archdiocese of Los Angeles for endorsement. ADLA will in turn forward them to the diocese where the wedding will take place. There is an Archdiocese processing fee of $40, payable through Blessed Sacrament. If the documents arrive at ADLA less than a month before the wedding, a $70 expediting fee will be charged.

  • Notes Regarding Marriage Preparation

    1. WEDDING DATE/TIME: Weddings within the Mass or Wedding Rites without Mass are typically scheduled on Saturdays at 11:30 am, 1:30 pm, or 3:30 pm. 90 minutes are allowed for the ceremony including time for photography.

      Promptness is appreciated. Please note that delays in commencing the ceremony may result in fewer or no photographs being taken afterwards as we cannot inconvenience the service that follows.

      Requests for weekdays are considered on a case-by-case basis. It will incur a $100 fee to cover the sacristan. No weddings are scheduled on Sundays or during Lent.

    2. WEDDING FORMAT: We use the Together for Life booklet to organize the ceremony. From it you are encouraged to pray and select from the liturgically approved readings, prayers, and blessings. Your priest will go over it with you. The result will be a “customized” celebration that will reflect you as a couple. More information and resources are found here.
    3. OTHER CELEBRANT(S): It is perfectly acceptable to invite a priest or deacon to perform your marriage. Please discuss this with the priest/deacon from Blessed Sacrament during your first interview, and let your priest/deacon friend know that he must get in touch with our Parish Life Director. Priests from outside the Archdiocese of Los Angeles should have a letter from their bishop stating they are in good standing with their diocese.
    4. REHEARSAL: Please make arrangements with our wedding coordinator, Maria “Sheny” Barajas. She can be reached at shenybarajas@yahoo.com or at 323-683-7768. The rehearsal is scheduled between 3:30pm and 6:30pm the Thursday or Friday before the Saturday scheduled wedding. It lasts about an hour. Please be on time as there may be a rehearsal after yours.
    5. MUSIC: All arrangements must be made through the Director of Music, Dr. Joe Modica. He can be reached via email joe.modica@gmail.com or by calling 323-462-6311 ext. 312; 949-798-9939; or 949-748-8698. No outside organist, vocalist, pianist, guitarist or music group may be brought into our church without the explicit permission of the Director of Music. If there will be outside musicians or vocalists, there may be extra fees paid to our organist/cantor to accommodate additional rehearsals. For additional notes regarding music please click here
    6. FLOWERS: The bridal party needs to make its own arrangements with a florist. Be mindful that there can be three weddings in one day. Please remove your flowers and containers immediately after your service. Flowers may be left for the church if you wish. You may also make your own arrangements with the other wedding parties on your day to share the floral expenses. Scotch tape, tacks or staples can never to be used on the pews. Use rubber bands, ribbons or plastic clips supplied by your florist to attach the decorations. Flower petals are not to be strewn in the aisle.
    7. PHOTOGRAPHS: The photographer must meet with the priest/deacon before the ceremony. Please admonish your families and friends that they should not be involved with photography during the wedding as they are part of the religious celebration. Photos may not be taken from the sanctuary area or the side sanctuary areas. Professional photographs may be taken during the ceremony from the body of the church as long as this is not disruptive (for example, the photographers should not be crossing from one side of the church to the other). For posed photographs in the church, please leave ample time before or after the ceremony as we cannot delay a wedding or other service that is scheduled to follow.
    8. RESTRICTIONS: No rice, no birdseed, no confetti, no flower petals! The bridal party is responsible for ensuring that nothing is thrown which can be hazardous to those coming into or walking out of the Church. No candles are to be lit during the ceremony except the altar candles and, if applicable, the Unity Candle.

“We’re glad we chose to have our wedding here. Not only were the venue and music beautiful, but they were able to accommodate our personal style and culture into the ceremony to help make the event most memorable.”Lisa and Louie

That they may be brought to perfection as one.”

John 17:20-23