The aim and final reason of all music is none else but the glory of God and the refreshment of the spirit.~Johann Sebastian Bach

Music Ministry


n essential element of liturgical worship is music; St. Augustine famously noted that a church singer “prays twice.” The Society of Jesus itself was born amid the music of the Renaissance and continues to stress excellence in this, the highest of the arts.… Read More >>

Verdi Requiem

Sample Tracks

Peace, PeaceJoy to the WorldGlory to God in the HighestBefore the Marvel of this NightChristmas DayLullay My likingHe is BornWhere Shepherds Lately KneltGaudeteHow Beautiful Upon the Mountains

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Choir Schedule

Saturday || Cantor || 6:00pm

Our cantors lead the hymns, acclamations and songs during the 6:00 PM Saturday Vigil Mass. We offer compositions from the Catholic repertoire of classical vocal solos to enrich your participation in the liturgy.

Sunday || Cantor || 9:00am

Our two Spanish choirs select music from Flor y Canto. We participate in major feasts and prayer celebrations and take the lead on liturgies such as the Feast of Guadalupe and Cristo Negro/Cristo de Esquipulas.

Coro Biblico

Coro Biblico sings at the 9:00 AM Spanish Mass.


Rehearsals are on Friday evenings at 6:30.

Sunday || A Cappella || 11:00am

The A Cappella choir sings at the 11:00 AM  English Mass.  It engages the full spectrum of liturgical music, including polyphonic Mass settings, and motets and anthems. Its repertoire spans the breadth of Christian compositions that have been written by the most distinguished composers of every age.  Rehearsals are on Wednesday evenings at 730.

Sunday || Coro Hispano || 1:00pm

Nuestros dos coros hispanos seleccionan la música de Flor y Canto.  Ellos participan en las fiestas y celebraciones principales de oración y encabezan las liturgias tales como la Fiesta de Guadalupe y Cristo Negro / Cristo de Esquipulas.  El Coro Hispano canta en la misa de 13:00. Los ensayos son los miércoles a las 18:00.

Sunday || Contemporary Ensemble || 5:30pm

The Contemporary Ensemble sings at the 5:30 PM English Mass.  The choir specializes in recently composed music for choir and instruments.  For accompaniment to this liturgy,  the ensemble offers a combination of guitars, acoustic bass, and piano alongside a group of superb singers. Rehearsals are on Sundays at 3:30.

Featured at Blessed Sacrament Parish is a 4100 pipe organ that was manufactured by the Canadian company Casavant Frères in 1928…Read More