he nurturing presence of God is palpable at Blessed Sacrament. Our parish attracts a broad cross-section of the community to its pews: from residents of Hollywood Hills to those who make their homes on the boulevards, from longtime parishioners to young adults and families who have recently moved in. In October 2014, a team representing different ages, genders, ethnicity, and ministries was formed to develop a Mission Statement. As they reflected on diversity as a hallmark of the parish’s identity, the following declaration emerged and was later ratified by the Pastoral Team, the Parish Council, and the community at large:


“Many Made One Around the Table of the Lord.”


We, the Church of the Blessed Sacrament, uniting cultures since 1904, and in the Jesuit tradition since 1914, declare our mission to be that of Jesus:

To inspire others by our example of love for God and neighbor.

We accomplish this mission through prayer, engaging liturgical celebrations, and by embracing, teaching, caring for, and defending all who seek justice. In true Jesuit tradition, all of these efforts are for the Greater Glory of God (Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam).

Blessed Sacrament is not simply an amalgamation of smaller communities with self-referent agenda. We are a parish that worships and serves as one family, embracing different enculturated Catholic traditions, practices, and music. We are committed to “a faith that does justice” by way of solidarity with the poor and a dedication to the greater good.