Parish Council
The Parish Council consists of the parish planning staff and ministry representatives. It operates under the authority of the bishop as a consultative body to the Pastor or Parish Life Director. It is responsible for planning, guiding, and coordinating all our parish works and ministries.

If you have any ideas, suggestions, or projects for enriching our parish life, please contact the appropriate ministry leader or the Parish Life Director, Dr. Yolanda Brown, at

Finance Council
Although ultimate responsibility for all financial matters rests with the Pastor/Parish Life Director, the Finance Council serves as consultative body and steward of parish resources, including investment funds. Finance Council members typically commit to serving a three-year term, during which they meet monthly to review the parish’s financial statements and capital projects, approve the annual operating budget and deliver the annual financial status report to parishioners.

For questions regarding the financial administration of the parish or to volunteer as a member of the Finance Council please contact the Parish Life Director, Dr. Yolanda Brown, at

Liturgy Committee
The Liturgy Committee consists of the Coordinators of the Liturgical Ministries and the Liturgy Leadership Council. The Committee meets four times during the year. The Liturgy Committee meets to provide on-going support and communication of the ministries. It provides feedback, coordinates activities, programs, and all special liturgies, and participates in the planning of the liturgical life of the parish in concert with the Pastoral Planning Team.