The Food Pantry is a parish ministry dedicated to helping those who are falling short and may need some extra food. It feeds both the low-income and the homeless; the former are defined as those who have access to cooking facilities, while the latter do not. Each is provided with the most appropriate types of food.

This ministry relies entirely on volunteers, who are needed at two times per week. On Monday morning, Fr. Leo supervises the unloading of the delivery truck and the stocking of the shelves/freezers with the donated food. On Saturday, our coordinator, Nancy Stellos, oversees the preparation of food packages and the actual distribution of these to clients who show up and are certified as being in need.

Operating hours on Saturday are 8:00am until noon when the Pantry closes.

Volunteers are welcome at either time. If you are available to help with the unloading on Mondays, please contact Fr. Leo Prengaman,SJ or call: 323-462-6311. If you can assist on Saturdays, please contact Nancy Stellos.

For I was hungry and you gave me food.”

~Matthew 25:35