Ministry to the Sick & Homebound


his ministry represents Blessed Sacrament’s effort to reach out to those parishioners who because of infirmity can no longer attend Mass yet want to continue to participate in the life of the parish. Many of these people are elderly and have no one else to visit them, so the volunteer is providing a real service.

When someone falls ill or becomes home-bound, the individual calls the parish, which puts him in contact with John Heil (email). Mr. Heil makes arrangements for the invalid to be visited in his home. The minister brings Holy Communion as well as a parish bulletin and spends time with the sick person, beginning and ending the visit with a prayer.

“For I was ill and you cared for me…”
Matthew 25:36

Interested in volunteering for this ministry?

Fr. Leo Prengaman, SJ

Contact Fr. Leo:(323) 462-6311

What Do I Need to Do to Volunteer for This Ministry?

Ministry is always looking for individuals interested in volunteering. To volunteer, please contact one of the ministry leaders below.

What Training Does the Church Offer to this Ministry’s Volunteers?

Fr. Leo will provide you with a training class and some idea of how to approach the visits and what to do, as well as things to avoid. Once your training is successfully completed the parish will provide you with a pyx (a blessed container for the Holy Eucharist) and Mr. Heil will assign you to one or more needy parishioners.

When do volunteers usually get sent out?

Visits are often on Sundays but not necessarily so; they are set at the convenience of the volunteer and the best time for the needy parishioner.