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he music staff at Blessed Sacrament understands the amount of preparation it takes for such an important event. We hope that we can make your music selection one of the easier tasks. As experienced professionals we offer you the security of quality-laden and spiritually-based music for your wedding.

    Here are some guidelines:

  1. Contact Joseph Modica, Pastoral Director of Music at Blessed Sacrament, at least one month prior to your wedding. Please do not make other plans for music, instrumentalists, or vocalists until you have consulted with him. He can be reached via email joe.modica@gmail.com or by calling 323-462-6311 ext. 312; 949-798-9939; or 949-748-8698.

  2. The Director must also see to it that the musical selections for your wedding fit the liturgical context of a Catholic service. All selected music must be liturgical. Secular music is not allowed. There are wonderful selections from non-religious sources, and they are more appropriate for your reception.

  3. Our standard policy is that no outside vocalists or instrumentalists are allowed to perform at weddings. We have excellent, professional parish musicians who are knowledgeable about our parish liturgical principles and who work in cooperation with the Pastoral Director of Music. However, if a rare exception to this rule is made, it must be coordinated with the Pastoral Director of Music.

  4. Approved outside musicians are paid directly by the couple. The Director must approve outside musicians and music ahead of time.

  5. If necessary, the Director of Pastoral Music or a designated representative will attend the ceremony in order to set up the sound system and coordinate the musical aspect of the service.

Music Fees

(included in the Wedding Package)

  • Organist
  • $225.00
  • Vocalist
  • $150.00
  • Consultation with Pastoral Director of Music.
    (waived if couple are registered parishioners)
  • $50.00
  • $425.00

To help with your music selection, recordings of parts of some of the music suggested for your wedding will be provided at the first consultation with the Pastoral Director of Music. The titles of the selections will be provided on a separate form.  You may be asked to seek other sources online and at local music stores to help you make decisions.  Please fill out the form as completely as you can, and bring it with you to the second consultation with the Music Director.  At that time, if you wish, other music suggestions may be discussed.

We at Blessed Sacrament acknowledge that your wedding is a celebration, a joyous reunion of family and friends who come to celebrate your love and the promise of a life together.  It is our job to make this beautiful moment more meaningful with music and songs that reflect the eternal presence of God in the Sacrament of Marriage.